Friends/Bands we’ve played with

Jonathan Mason: Founding member of The Heavy Editors, he has moved on to Nashville, where he plays bass with Red River Hymn and produces his own amazing records (which happen to feature Joe Vallina on guitar).

Battleship! Battleship!: Joe’s side project with former bandmate in The Feast of Stephen, Bob Miller.

Railsplitter: Modern rock with an emphasis on the ROCK.

Tired Radio: They come from Brooklyn, NY, and they travel in style. Rockers from the new school.

No One Sphere: Dave Mann and company pumping out the on-point shoegaze.

Big Cry Country: Indie rock the way indie rock was meant to be.

The Airport 77s: Power poppers from the DMV. Catchy, catchy, catchy.

Red Sammy: Americana doesn’t get more American than this.



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